A basic understanding of Markdown, since every entry created for your documentation is based on that. Also the site you're currently looking at actually is nothing more than a simple Markdown file.


Nuxt.js is really easy to get started with. A simple project only needs the nuxt dependency. You can try it yourself by reading their docs.


A Netlify Account is required to deploy your site. We've built in support for Netlify, since they offer variation of services you may want to add to your documentation.


A Storyblok account is required to write content and host your assets for your site. We're using Storyblok to have an easy editing experience and be flexible enough so you can customize NuxtDoc to be your own.

Admin UI

Storyblok’s admin ui requires modern browser.

Browser Version
Chrome >= 29
Firefox >= 29
Safari >= 10
Internet Explorer >= 11
Microsoft Edge >= 12