A setup to build beautiful documentation with Nuxt and Storyblok deployed on Netlify for everyone.

Why NuxtDoc?

You can already find a youtube series on how to create a blog with Storyblok and Nuxt, but for documentation we wanted to go one step further, therefore you can now start directly with NuxtDoc to create your own documentation in no time.

What is NuxtDoc?

NuxtDoc is an easy to customize documentation setup. It's based on NuxtJs to render content added in the headless CMS Storyblok and deployed using Netlify. Combining those services allows you to easily create and host fast, flexible and beautiful documentations for your clients.


NuxtDoc is highly inspired by the high quality documentation of Vue.js. We think that their documentation sets a new standard on how a framework can be documented. Make sure to check them out yourself.

How it works

NuxtDoc combines (free) services to build out full documentations with a minimum amount of effort. The services/tools NuxtDoc uses are: