Getting Started

Let's get you started with NuxtDoc in just a couple of minutes.

Environment Setup


Fork the source

Navigate to our Github Repository and fork it into your repositories.

Checkout the source

git clone 

Install dependencies

npm install 
## or



Install the Storyblok CLI

npm install -g storyblok

Start the CLI

By executing the following command you will be able to login/register to Storyblok and directly create a new Space from your command line.


Seed components

Storyblok allows you to create components and content-types however you like. NuxtDoc ships with predefined components which you can customize. To give you a quick start we can use the Storyblok CLI to upload the initial version of components.

storyblok push-components --space=YOUR_SPACE_ID seed.components.json

Seed content

The Nuxt setup of NuxtDoc follows a specific routing to also give you a quick head-start you can simply execute the following command to create some seed content and the basic folder structure in Storyblok for you.

node seed.js --space=YOUR_SPACE_ID

Exchange access token

Exchange the access token in the nuxt.config.js with your own Storyblok preview token. You can find that in your space dashboard.



Install the Netlify CLI

To finally deploy the NuxtDoc and share it with your customers and/or community all we have left is to install the Netlify CLI:

npm install netlify-cli -g

Nuxt Generate

Before we deploy we will have to generate the routes and build your NuxtDoc project. Make sure your content entries in Storyblok are published since the generate step should be done for live deployments.

npm run generate

Deploy on Netlify

Execute the command below to create your Netlify account and directly upload your project, you will need to choose the dist folder to

netlify deploy

Speed up deployment

To speed up your deployment you can also use a custom script as we ship it directly for you in the NuxtDoc package.json, all you need to do to generate your nuxt project and deploy it on Netlify is the following:

npm run deploy