Documentation Entries

The doc content-type is the heart of NuxtDoc. The basic setup ships with a version and a category folder. By having a look at the Nuxt /pages folder you can see that the basic setup will allow you to add doc content-types in the third level: version/category/doc.

Example: NuxtDoc

Lets have a look at the sidebar of this documentation. The version is above everything, currently only showing up in the URL as v1. The next part of the URL is the category which will also be displayed bold in the sidebar. Those are some of those categories:

  • Guide
  • Ecosystem
  • Features
  • ...

Every entry below each category in the sidebar is one doc content-entry in that category folder in Storyblok.

The actual content

The actual content for your documentation is – by default – written in Markdown. Each h2 and h3 will result into another sidebar navigation item to make navigation of larger documentation parts much easier.