Custom Startpage

The startpage of NuxtDoc is fully customizable with NuxtJs Components and Storyblok. We've prepared three different nestable components for you to start with.


Storyblok is a headless CMS that not only allows you to create new content-types, but also allows you to create sets of reusable fields, so called components, to create layouts like grid and columns.

Default Components


Teaser Component

The teaser component added in the default setup allows you to exchange the background_image, title and subtitle as well as the button_link and button_text of the first button.


Grid Component

The grid is a quite simple flexbox implementation of a grid, breaking into simple rows if the width of your screen drops below 780px.


Feature Component

The feature component allows you to add a name, logo, description and link. Each feature component nested inside the Grid will be aligned next to each other.

Default Content-Types


The page content typ is currently only used for the startpage, and only has one field of type bloks which allows you to nest the components described above.


One doc content entry consists of a content and a summary field. The content will be the actual markdown content. It will also be used to create the on page navigation in the sidebar.


You can change all content types and components as you like, we recommend you to have a look at Storybloks tutorials on how to work with those components and/or a youtube series done by academind.