Custom Domains

Use your own custom domains for free. Get more control when you manage DNS zones and records using Netlify’s DNS hosting.

By default, any site on Netlify is accessible via its Netlify subdomain, which has the form [name-of-your-site] For example, you would access a site named warrior-priscilla-50207 with

To make a site accessible via one or more non-Netlify domain names (eg., you must add custom domain(s) to your site as described below.

General steps:

  1. If you don‘t already own a custom domain, buy one with a domain registration service.
  2. Add the custom domain to your site.
  3. Configure your DNS provider to point the domain at the Netlify servers.
  4. Test that your site is accessible via the custom domain. There may be a delay while DNS changes propagate.

You can find a full Tutorial in the Netlify Docs.