Category Overview

One category overview will use the summary field of each doc content-entry to automatically generate an overview, so you don't have to think about it, however if you want to customize it have a look below.

Category Overview

How this works

The category overview – by default – will load the summary field from all doc content-entries inside of the category folder created in Storyblok. So by adding a new folder inside the version folder in Storyblok – v1/another-category – will result in an overview page with exactly that path.

You can find the source code for those category overview pages in your forked project.

Have a look at: /pages/_version/_category/index.vue it contains the following lines of code to load the entries depending on the current context parameters made available to you by the routing of Nuxt.

async asyncData (context) {
    const { data } = await$storyapi.get(`cdn/stories/`, { 
        starts_with: `${context.params.version}/${context.params.category}/`,
        version: 'draft' })
    return { docs: data.stories, 
             currentPage: `${context.params.version}/${context.params.category}` }