Default Stylings

NuxtDoc ships with default stylings for most elements you can create with markdown.

Custom Domains

Use your own custom domains for free. Get more control when you manage DNS zones and records using Netlify’s DNS hosting.

Image CDN

All images will be served by Storyblok and Amazon AWS Cloudfront service. No need to configure anything, simply upload your images to Storyblok and you're ready to go. Every image uploaded to Storyblok will automatically distributed to give your customers the performance for assets they deserve.

Easy Hosting

Netlify allows you to deploy your site in seconds, literally. You can either follow their three step tutorial or have a look at our Getting Started Guide to go through the two steps with their CLI.

Side By Side Editing

So this is actually not a feature brought to you by NuxtDoc but by Storyblok. We can use their SideBySide editor to directly write and preview our content, without to worry about unexpected results.

Image Optimization

The default Setup of NuxtDoc uses the Image Service provided by Storyblok. You can use it to resize images on the fly! With Storybloks out of the box image service you can give your customers a high-quality, compelling brand experience at a speed they wouldn’t expect, no matter what device, platform or continent they’re on.

Autogenerated Sidebar

The sidebar on your left is completely autogenerated by the content-entries created in Storyblok. All you have to care about is which categories you want and the order of your doc content entries, thats it.

Documentation Entries

The doc content-type is the heart of NuxtDoc. The basic setup ships with a version and a category folder. By having a look at the Nuxt /pages folder you can see that the basic setup will allow you to add doc content-types in the third level: version/category/doc.

Category Overview

One category overview will use the summary field of each doc content-entry to automatically generate an overview, so you don't have to think about it, however if you want to customize it have a look below.

Custom Startpage

The startpage of NuxtDoc is fully customizable with NuxtJs Components and Storyblok. We've prepared three different nestable components for you to start with.