Why Netlify

Netlify aims to perfect a unified platform that automates code; creating high-performant sites and web-apps. Users should be able to simply push their code and let them take care of the rest.

How to start

It is incredibly simple to get started with Netlify. And you don’t need to know about all of the powerful features under the hood to start benefiting from them.

The simplest way to get a static web site hosted on Netlify (perhaps anywhere?) is to drag and drop a folder of your files directly into the browser on app.netlify.com

There is also a tool which you can use to deploy directly from your command line, but I’ll let you read about that over in the excellent docs, otherwise it might look like I’m cheating by trying to slip in a couple of extra things ahead of my list without tipping over the 10 item limit.

Have a look at the list here